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We are delighted to announce that Maureen Godfrey and Val Leyland, members of the PROTECT-CH Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) group, have won the University of Nottingham Community Volunteer of the Year (Group) award. This award recognises Maureen and Val’s commitment to, and enthusiasm for, the PROTECT-CH Trial.


Maureen and Val, members of the Nottingham community, meet as part of the PROTECT-CH PPI Group at least once a week, sometimes more often, to create, review, and approve materials for care home residents and their relatives. Outside of these meetings Maureen and Val review additional materials, provide advice, and suggest new ideas for care home resident engagement. As a result, the PROTECT-CH PPI group has been able to co-create consent forms, information sheets, a poster, and a video for potential PROTECT-CH participants which use informative, friendly, and clear language. This is crucial to delivering information in an accessible way that allows residents to make an informed decision about taking part in the trial. Maureen and Val continue to give their time, expertise, enthusiasm, and care to the PROTECT-CH PPI Group every week, even though the input they have already given is above and beyond what is expected.


Congratulations to Maureen and Val.

Val LeylandVal Leyland

Maureen GodfreyMaureen Godfrey